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About Us

Team Cymru Research NFP is an Illinois non-profit and a US Federal 501(c)3 organization.  We are a group of technologists passionate about making the Internet more secure and dedicated to that goal.  We work closely with and within Internet security communities, as well as with all manner of other organizations - after all, almost every organization in the modern world is connected to the Internet in some way or another, and they all need help to ensure that their parts of the network remain safe and secure.

Team Cymru FAQ

Q: How do I pronounce "Cymru?"

A: This is the most common question we receive. :) "Cymru" is pronounced "kum-ree." It is Welsh (a Celtic language, distantly related to Gaelic) for "Wales."

Q: Why are you called Team Cymru?

A: Two of our founders have strong ties to Wales - Rob Thomas is of Welsh descent, while Dr. Neil Long is a born and bred Welshman. They, along with the other founding members of Team Cymru, felt that this choice of name and logo would be an appropriate tribute to their Welsh heritage, and to the long and storied history of Wales.

Q: Where is Team Cymru?

A: Team Cymru is a geographically-dispersed group of security professionals who are able to collaborate due to the benefits of the Internet. Our main office is in the Orlando, FL, US area. Our team members have presences in the UK; Poland; New Zealand; Australia; Arizona, US; Washington D.C., US; Illinois, US; Massachusetts, US; and California, US. We have pods of gear all over the globe. We find that our geographic dispersion provides nearly 24/7 coverage and leads to an increased quality of life for our employees.

Q: When was Team Cymru founded?

A: Team Cymru was founded by Rob Thomas as an Internet security think-tank in 1998. In 2004, Team Cymru, Inc. officially incorporated as a legal entity. The founding researchers are Rob Thomas, David Deitrich, Dr. Neil Long, and Stephen Gill. Team Cymru Research NFP was granted 501(c)3 status in 2009.

Q. What is the relationship between Team Cymru Research NFP, Team Cymru, Inc., and Dragon Research Group?

A: Team Cymru Research NFP is an Illinois non-profit and a US Federal 501(c)3 organization which focuses on our community service activities. Being a 501(c)3 allows us to accept donations and give our donors the ability to potentially realize a tax savings on their donation. Team Cymru Research NFP is the primary sponsoring organization for the Dragon Research Group (DRG). Team Cymru Research NFP plays a facilitator role for the DRG, helps with funding, helps acquire resources and coordinates the volunteer candidate selection process. Note that community services are provided using resources of Team Cymru, Inc., for the benefit of the community, and are not necessarily a product of Team Cymru Research NFP. Team Cymru Research NFP currently does not have any staff.

Team Cymru, Inc. focuses on our commercial service activities and all Team Cymru staff are employeed by Team Cymru, Inc.

Q: Who owns Team Cymru?

A: Team Cymru is wholly and solely owned by its founding partners. Team Cymru will never trade control for funding or donations. We remain fiercely independent because we believe it is the only way we can be an impartial Internet security advocate.

Q: What does Team Cymru do to pay the bills?

A: Through the generous donations of gear, hosting, bandwidth and services from our numerous partners, Team Cymru is able to operate in a lean and efficient fashion. We have gained a wealth of experience, expertise, and insight, and it benefits the community if we share it.

Although the majority of our output is at no-cost, we do offer commercial services to fund our activities and ensure we are an on-going, vibrant company. In fact the chances are good that if you are using a security product or service, Team Cymru's insight quietly makes it a bit more robust, insightful, and secure.

See our Commercial Services site for more information on our commercial efforts.

Q: Are NFP donations ever used for commercial purposes?

A: No. In fact, quite the opposite. The costs of the community services we offer are made possible by our commercial activities.

Q: How do I contact Team Cymru?

A: Please see our contact page for a variety of methods of reaching us or contact us at info@cymru.com.

Q: What does Team Cymru do for the Community?

A: We endeavor to make the entire Internet more secure, more aware, and more reliable. We provide templates, sundry route-servers, and other projects in an effort to make you (yes, YOU!) safer while online. All of these are designed to support our shared mission to make the Internet - and the good folk who use it - more secure.

Our company began over a decade ago as a collaboration from within the IT Security world. From the very start we realized that our community needed practical support, provided without any strings and without any cost. We are incredibly proud of the breadth and depth of the various ways we continue to support the work our partners do all over the Internet.

We have over 25 different sets of services, software, templates, tools, alerts, data and tips, many of which have become hugely successful and have been rapidly adopted to become a core component in the work of multiple sectors of our community. All off these have always been provided at absolutely no cost to users. From widely available and informative public information services, through to highly technical and sometimes restricted monitoring and alerting tools, we do this because it is the right thing to do and because we are in a position to help.

In addition to such practical contributions we also work in partnership with a number of organizations that are engaged in investigation, internet governance, best practice and consumer advice. We are actively engaged with groups like the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Europol, the International Telecommunications Union and have a number of industry affliations. We fund and co-host, with INTERPOL, an annual conference at their headquarters facility in Lyon, France and we present at events all over the world.

Our staff are consulted by media organizations on a daily basis, primarily as we are seen as clueful and impartial. Our Business Intelligence Team writes extensively for numerous publications, both technical and more mainstream. We have trained ISPs, police officers and other security professionals from all corners of the globe. Our blog contributions, newsletters and email list postings allow us to contribute to the good fight in numerous areas.

Our offerings are detailed on this site but if you would like to receive more information or to speak with us about what might be of particular use for you, or if you have an idea for something more we can do, contact us at outreach@cymru.com.

Q: I thought you were the "Who and Why" guys?

We used taglines revolving around the "Who and Why" theme until early 2011. In an acknowledgment that we now focus on so much more than just the who and why of Internet criminality, including the wider aspects of when, where, and how, we now use the phrase "Insight that improves lives."

Q: Why isn't Team Cymru more well known?

A: Team Cymru made a conscious decision to work exclusively with trusted partners in the IT Security Community. We are comfortable and successful being the behind the scenes partner. However, within these circles we are well known, including being recognized as one of the 15 Most Influential in Security by eWeek.

Q: If I have other questions, who should I contact?

A: Please see our contact page for a variety of methods of reaching us. We pride ourselves on quick, concise responses to your inquiries.

Team Cymru Community Services