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Bogon Dotted Decimal List

v7.0, 27 April 2012, maintained by the Team Cymru NOC, noc@cymru.com

Be sure to check out the main Bogon Reference for more information on the project and terminology used, and why it is important to keep your bogon filters up-to-date.

[ Dotted Decimal Non-aggregated ]       [ Dotted Decimal Aggregated ]

[ Cisco ACL Non-aggregated ]       [ Cisco ACL Aggregated ]

Dotted Decimal Non-aggregated

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Dotted Decimal Aggregated

The following aggregations follow proper boundaries and are suitable for use in black hole routes. If proper boundaries are not followed it is possible to further aggregate, though this likely won't work on most gear.

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Cisco ACL Non-aggregated

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Cisco ACL Aggregated

The following aggregations work with Cisco ACLs, and are aligned on proper boundaries.

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