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RSS Feed Screensaver

The Team Cymru RSS screensaver or standalone application runs on Mac OS X and displays our RSS news feed, our Twitter feed, and a graphical representation of compromised machine counts on a rotating globe.

Once the screensaver or application is activated it will automatically download the RSS news feed and Twitter feed. It will also download a heatmap image and overlay that on the world globe. This image is created every day during the creation of the Internet malicious activity world map and displays a heatmap signature of compromised machines. The screensaver is made using Mac OS X built-in Quartz Composer and will only work on Mac OS X.

You can click on the image below for a preview movie of the screensaver in action, or follow the installation instructions further down the page to download and install it now!

Screensaver Screenshot

At this time we do not have plans for versions of this screensaver for other operating systems, but we would be happy to accept contributions in the same vein. Please contact us if you have any questions, problems, suggestions, etc!


To install the screensaver, first you must download it and open the disk image. If a warning dialog opens, click Continue.

Download Screensaver

Drag the Team Cymru Dragon icon to your Screen Savers folder. You can use the screensaver link that is placed in the disk image or manually copy it to "~/Library/Screen Savers" or "/Library/Screen Savers".

Copy screenshot

The screensaver should now appear in the "Desktop & Screen Savers" System Preferences pane (you may need to re-start System Preferences if it was already open when you copied the screensaver) under the "Other" section of the list.

System Preferences ->
Desktop & Screen Saver

The options dialog allows you to change the time that RSS articles are displayed, the speed of the spinning globe and more.

Options dialog box

Inspiration for the spinning globe design came from the BoinxTV app. www.boinxtv.com

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