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Dumping a Domain’s Worth of Passwords With Invoke-MassMimikatz, a PowerShell script http://t.co/tkEQBs3AMs | The rise of account takeovers: 24% through US and 53 via CN #cybercrime #malware http://t.co/sAtvpGYJr7 | 16% UK adults hit by #cybercrime, 83% on laptops/desktops, 21% on smartphone, 17% on tablets http://t.co/r00trzjJU7 http://t.co/r00trzjJU7 | A new free online course in #Cryptography by University of Maryland #infosec http://t.co/12ARfdQlzP http://t.co/12ARfdQlzP | #WordPress issues critical security fixes, closing remote anonymous compromise bug #malware #infosec http://t.co/iKq8xmUAHq | RAT #hackers #snoopers arrested in UK, Estonia, France, Romania, Latvia, Italy, and Norway http://t.co/OdFFXcsaua http://t.co/OdFFXcsaua | Judicial agents in Costa Rica probed for snooping on personal data on sisters of Real Madrid's Keylor Navas http://t.co/x8PMnZJUys | Rapid7: 150,000 of Hikvision DVRs vulnerable to remote access #hack http://t.co/3iyEdy9wzs http://t.co/3iyEdy9wzs | Top Level Telecommunications on the German investigation of the cooperation between NSA and BND #NSAUA http://t.co/Fz8XU6sUPD | The mundane but disturbing truth: Most Targeted Attacks Exploit Privileged Accounts by phishing or password guessing http://t.co/2ZQfu1Qf5A | #Hacking #RFID Payment Cards Made Possible with Android App #cybercrime http://t.co/d8r5JJ9Dki http://t.co/d8r5JJ9Dki | Interesting paper by FoxIT: socially engineering website owners via CMS themes and plugins: “CryptoPHP” http://t.co/OzvVwvDvMT | E-cigarettes join photo frames and MP3 players as weirdest #malware #cybercrime targets http://t.co/CMSll4xt1l http://t.co/CMSll4xt1l | Amplification/reflection that doesn't use UDP - DVMRP Ask Neighbors2: an IGMP-based DDoS/leak threat http://t.co/d0iSNlvkIY | Websense claim that these are 8 cybercrime trends that will shape IT #infosec #cybercrime http://t.co/vIdHUeeLXk | Chinese internet #freedom watchdog GreatFire claims the EdgeCast content delivery network now partially blocked http://t.co/xaK2a807KB | #Hackers seize Detroit's database, demand $800k. Motor City shrugs: 'OK, take it' http://t.co/SqZVaCt6Rr | Intel/McAfee signs agreement to work with Europol's EC3 group on fighting #cybercrime http://t.co/r9LlCPXmeA | new very improved NotCompatible #mobile #malware now encrypts traffic to hide and can use infected devices as proxies http://t.co/8k68X7h1gh | fascinating write up of the recent New York City CSAW Capture The Flag 2014 Finalist Event http://t.co/VqLNLMFrzo | Turkish Embassy's Education Consultancy in Kyrgyzstan Hacked by Anti-Assad Hacker Dr.SHA6H #infowar #hacker http://t.co/vjPRLMO0vd | #infosec #malware tools: Autorun File Remover - Free Autorun Virus File Removal Tool http://t.co/JfEX9gjPIJ | Localized Tools and Services, Prominent in the Brazilian Underground. Good overview from Trend Micro http://t.co/yfmju7BS9K | NSA Reform Bill USA FREEDOM Act failed by just two votes to obtain the 60 votes needed to move the bill forward http://t.co/8ahrXT7NwZ | JOB AVAILABLE: @teamcymru looking for #Malware #Software #SysAdmin and more http://t.co/20PjGtIMYH | Microsoft: critical Out-of-Band patch for Kerberos flaw to correct signature verification http://t.co/e6mTcJ6pUx http://t.co/e6mTcJ6pUx | X-Force analysed 23B URLs, IPs: 43% of malicious links hosted in US, 11% in .CN (thats twice as many as last year) http://t.co/BY7H04gNeh | July-Sept '14: 320 breaches reported: 25% up YOY,183 M customer 'accounts' of various sorts http://t.co/lanOdEjDQZ http://t.co/lanOdEjDQZ | CAREERS: @teamcymru is looking for you! #Malware #Software #SysAdmin http://t.co/20PjGtIMYH http://t.co/20PjGtIMYH | BadUSB: 60 chip families reviewed from 8 vendors, none disabled ability for reprogramming http://t.co/3mjnjdTJws http://t.co/3mjnjdTJws
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Top 10 UDP Ports (logarithmic scale)

This chart shows the top 10 UDP ports seen in sampled global Internet traffic in our most recent hourly data sample. This chart is on a logarithmic scale, so the difference between the top port (usually UDP/53) and the bottom port may be more significant than it appears to the naked eye.

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Sampled DNS Request Rate (daily)

Our insight into Internet traffic around the globe allows us to sample and estimate trends in Domain Name System (DNS) requests, one of the key pieces of Internet infrastructure. This chart provides a glimpse into that sampled rate over the past 30 days, aggregated daily, for both TCP and UDP DNS requests (though the TCP request rate is so low it is difficult to discern).

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Average Daily Botnet Traffic

This chart shows the average amount of traffic we see to each botnet command and control (C&C) server we are monitoring daily. This is the actual bandwidth consumed by the bots as they check in with the controller and receive commands. This data is based on a sampled view of traffic, and shouldn't be treated as hard numbers, but can give you an idea of the rates of usage involved in running a botnet.

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Underground Economy Activity

This chart shows a very general sampled indicator of the average number of messages per hour seen each day in various underground economy forums for the past 30 days. The numbers should not be taken as absolutes, and have considerable sampling error, but are believed to be a reasonable indicator of overall trends.

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Internet Malicious Activity Maps

Internet Malicious Activity Hilbert Map The map to the left shows network locations of malicious activity on the Internet within the past 30 days, plotted using a Hilbert curve. Check out our Internet Malicious Activity Maps page for full details and a larger view of this and other maps.

Recent Releases

Our contribution to Operation Ghost Click

[17 NOV 2011] On 09 November 2011, US law enforcement released details of a major series of arrests as part of Operation Ghost Click. Team Cymru is proud to have been able to add details of victim computers that were part of this criminal infrastructure into one of our daily feeds of data that is provided at no cost to providers around the world. These lists of affected IP addresses enable network managers to identify and remediate computers infected by malware that are taking part in criminal activities.

This has a direct impact on people: it disrupts criminals and improves the lives of legitimate Internet users everywhere; we're honored to have been able to contribute to this effort. Our great thanks to all who contributed to this team effort.

Details of the case and our commentary can be found in this darkreading.com article. Images of the data we provided to our partners can be found via Twitter here and here.

Unexpected and unsubstantiated blog post

[25 OCT 2011] A recent blog post appeared to draw the unsubstantiated conclusion that more than 760 organizations were compromised with some of the same resources used to hit RSA earlier this year. Team Cymru was one of the organizations named in the posting.

We have no evidence of compromise related to incidents at RSA or anywhere else. The source of the report, and those who revealed and posted it, didn't take the time to contact us, or to share incident details with us. Thus we are unable to investigate further. We hope that those who gathered this data will responsibly disclose it to the potential victims.

Please note that without more details on the methodology used to determine the list of organizations, and a scientific review of the same, it's not safe to assume that an entry on the list means either "victim" or "false positive". We've seen no data or methodology description that would support either case.

New Underground Insight: A Criminal Perspective on Exploit Packs

[05 MAY 2011] The Team Cymru Business Intelligence Team is pleased to announce the release of their latest paper, entitled "A Criminal Perspective on Exploit Packs". This paper chronicles the genesis and historical eveolution of the Browser Exploit Pack (BEP). We discuss our research into the installation and usage of 40 different packs. Most notably, the paper discusses dishonor among coding thieves and the entrenched practice of "statistics shaving". Finally, we examine the monetization, code protection, and overall effectiveness of the various packs. For full details, check out the whitepaper, and don't forget to look at the rest of our whitepapers as well!

Team Cymru moving to Florida

[04 MAY 2011] Team Cymru today announced that they are relocating their headquarters staff from Chicago, Illinois, to Central Florida over the summer. The majority of our Chicago staff will move and are excited at the prospect of continuing to use our insight to improve lives, but from a significantly warmer location.

We do not forsee any disruption to our community or commercial feeds and services during this transition and we will continue to update our partners with news as appropriate. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please e-mail outreach@cymru.com and we will be happy to discuss them with you!

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