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Clearing House Automated Payments System moved £70 trillion last year, yesterday it broke, Bank of England asks why? http://t.co/1IYMJNKJwm | Cali woman charged with using Mobistealth,StealthGenie, and mSpy to intercept law enforcement communications #infosec http://t.co/aPQmoA8fc3 | Malicious ads run next to popular YouTube videos, laced with the Sweet Orange exploit kit http://t.co/xRDytFqc4T http://t.co/xRDytFqc4T | Arab Warriors Team Announces Operation Kashmir #infowar #cyber http://t.co/i7MatHj41h | All about Invincea's Operation DeathClick APT Malvertising Campaign http://t.co/RJ2bRvi8gQ http://t.co/RJ2bRvi8gQ | Kickstarter Pulls Down Anonabox Project On Allegations Of Fraud http://t.co/DO98hahnmd | Infographic from ESET: a brief history of malware, keep this for a slide deck one day? http://t.co/9xoEV3wqmV http://t.co/9xoEV3wqmV | PHP has fixed several vulnerabilities allowing remote code execution: CVE-2014-3669, CVE-2014-3670 and CVE-2014-3668 http://t.co/IiC5vxHiiv | Cost of cybercrime continues to increase for US companies: now $12.7 M each for large firms http://t.co/eNOlNz7qvc http://t.co/eNOlNz7qvc | #UK #InfoSec jobs with @Team Cymru http://t.co/0KgRtJmUOB http://t.co/0KgRtJmUOB | Internet Exchange Protection Service by @TeamCymru http://t.co/o5dJYhQO37 http://t.co/o5dJYhQO37 | Voiceprints Are Collected by Major Banks to Identify Fraudsters http://t.co/CeT2ukro3L | Prevent and remove unwanted traffic with UTRS by @TeamCymru http://t.co/gksyeu88VP http://t.co/gksyeu88VP | Netizen Report: From Egypt to the EU, Calls for Social Media Censorship in Name of National Security #cyberwar #hack http://t.co/ASFEm0bv0i | ...sigh, but be glad you're reading this publicly at least: New Cross-site scripting Vulns in #WordPress Plugins http://t.co/q7kwM8jBR1 | Addthis user? Federico Fazzi might have just done you a big favor: How to gain control of any Addthis user account http://t.co/zADg080EW1 | Facebook’s bug bounty: 3 yrs old + $3M in payouts, now to double payouts for "Ad Code Bugs" http://t.co/NmSI5jyI8h | Drupal Fixes Highly Critical SQL Injection Flaw...be at v7.32 or beware http://t.co/IpRkYiY1nR | Rooted CON 2015 Call For Papers, March 7th to the 9th, 2015 in Madrid http://t.co/O5wQCW8unt | October is the Cyber Security Month: stats, events and advice. A great excuse for some end user education! http://t.co/q3HJpXyDOk | Home Depot #hackers now harvesting accounts, buying electronics, prepaid cards (a.k.a. gift cards) and even groceries http://t.co/xZNblkmNRJ | Interesting Accuvant paper on operationalizing all the components from the Threat Intel market http://t.co/PjTg86S4JO http://t.co/PjTg86S4JO | Silk Road Trial Judge Doxed by Hackers in Revenge Attack for Treatment of 'Dread Pirate Roberts'-not confirmed valid http://t.co/8l1AzO46WV | 0-day CVE-2014-4114 (Sandworm) impacting all versions of Microsoft Windows, patched yesterday http://t.co/mkGMBN8K44 http://t.co/mkGMBN8K44 | PhishMe's 'how to spot a phish infographic'...greed, urgency, curiosity and fear. More here: http://t.co/J9szYsU4Xl http://t.co/J9szYsU4Xl | Dropbox account passwords posted online, stolen from elsewhere, and millions more might follow http://t.co/1UezZxmoTe | keep for next time you need to explain this to non-geeks: Infographic of 4 authentication definitions you should know http://t.co/bG2hnk7RFI | French bank Groupe BPCE and Twitter team up for money transfers via tweets http://t.co/c6GDT2PBDU | Imperva's WAAR report : Web Attacks continue to increase, especially thiose launched from Amazon servers http://t.co/y6g5wmARYw | Australians built a $150 safe cracker with a 3-D printer and Arduino that gets past group two locks (ATMs, gun safes) http://t.co/0B2KVgEEuD
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Sampled Internet Traffic Rate (hourly)

We receive sampled and generalized information about Internet traffic flow rates from many partners, and this chart reflects those rates over the past week, aggregated hourly. This is by no means the "full speed" of the Internet, but a way of seeing trends and patterns within the overall mix of traffic.

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Top 10 TCP Ports (logarithmic scale)

This chart shows the top 10 TCP ports seen in sampled global Internet traffic in our most recent hourly data sample. This chart is on a logarithmic scale, so the difference between the top port (usually TCP/80) and the bottom port may be more significant than it appears to the naked eye.

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Daily DDoS Attacks

Our malicious activity monitoring includes insight into distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks launched by various botnets around the globe. This chart indicates the number of attacks seen each day across a subset of our monitoring infrastructure, giving some insight into trends and patterns in miscreant activity.

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Bot Activity, Top 10 Countries

This chart lists the top 10 countries seen contributing to botnet activity online in the last 24 hours, as a percentage relative to total malicious activity in the same period. IP geolocation isn't perfect, so this data isn't exact, but we believe it should be representative of the current global picture.

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Internet Malicious Activity Maps

Internet Malicious Activity Hilbert Map The map to the left shows network locations of malicious activity on the Internet within the past 30 days, plotted using a Hilbert curve. Check out our Internet Malicious Activity Maps page for full details and a larger view of this and other maps.

Recent Releases

Our contribution to Operation Ghost Click

[17 NOV 2011] On 09 November 2011, US law enforcement released details of a major series of arrests as part of Operation Ghost Click. Team Cymru is proud to have been able to add details of victim computers that were part of this criminal infrastructure into one of our daily feeds of data that is provided at no cost to providers around the world. These lists of affected IP addresses enable network managers to identify and remediate computers infected by malware that are taking part in criminal activities.

This has a direct impact on people: it disrupts criminals and improves the lives of legitimate Internet users everywhere; we're honored to have been able to contribute to this effort. Our great thanks to all who contributed to this team effort.

Details of the case and our commentary can be found in this darkreading.com article. Images of the data we provided to our partners can be found via Twitter here and here.

Unexpected and unsubstantiated blog post

[25 OCT 2011] A recent blog post appeared to draw the unsubstantiated conclusion that more than 760 organizations were compromised with some of the same resources used to hit RSA earlier this year. Team Cymru was one of the organizations named in the posting.

We have no evidence of compromise related to incidents at RSA or anywhere else. The source of the report, and those who revealed and posted it, didn't take the time to contact us, or to share incident details with us. Thus we are unable to investigate further. We hope that those who gathered this data will responsibly disclose it to the potential victims.

Please note that without more details on the methodology used to determine the list of organizations, and a scientific review of the same, it's not safe to assume that an entry on the list means either "victim" or "false positive". We've seen no data or methodology description that would support either case.

New Underground Insight: A Criminal Perspective on Exploit Packs

[05 MAY 2011] The Team Cymru Business Intelligence Team is pleased to announce the release of their latest paper, entitled "A Criminal Perspective on Exploit Packs". This paper chronicles the genesis and historical eveolution of the Browser Exploit Pack (BEP). We discuss our research into the installation and usage of 40 different packs. Most notably, the paper discusses dishonor among coding thieves and the entrenched practice of "statistics shaving". Finally, we examine the monetization, code protection, and overall effectiveness of the various packs. For full details, check out the whitepaper, and don't forget to look at the rest of our whitepapers as well!

Team Cymru moving to Florida

[04 MAY 2011] Team Cymru today announced that they are relocating their headquarters staff from Chicago, Illinois, to Central Florida over the summer. The majority of our Chicago staff will move and are excited at the prospect of continuing to use our insight to improve lives, but from a significantly warmer location.

We do not forsee any disruption to our community or commercial feeds and services during this transition and we will continue to update our partners with news as appropriate. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please e-mail outreach@cymru.com and we will be happy to discuss them with you!

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