Malevolence Monitoring

We monitor a wide range of malevolence that takes place on the Internet through a wide variety of methods. We receive data donations from many organizations, which gives us a much wider view of what is happening on the Internet than we could ever create with our resources alone.

One interesting measure of malevolent traffic on the Internet is our Internet Garbage Meter, which provides a sampled view of traffic to some of our many darknets.

The coordination of botnets, or networks of infected computers used to steal information and launch online attacks (among other things), happens through a variety of protocols. We have created a map of IRC-based command and control (C&C) servers that we have verified and monitored.

We have also put together several malicious activity movies showing changes in the geographic locations of malicious activity over time. These movies highlight a number of interesting aspects of malicious activity.

You can see examples of our insight into malevolence throughout our web site - it runs throughout almost all of our work in some way or another, as it is key to our mission of researching the "who" and "why" of malicious Internet activity.

TC Console screenshot collage

Check out our Internet Malicious Activity Maps for a visual look at the intelligence we gather about online malevolence.

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